Bridge above the clouds

3 Ways To Be a Bridge Builder

Life is better together!

The best way to live is with others who have shared successes, shared challenges, and shared memories. This is how we grow past ourselves and become a part of something bigger than ourselves.

We become bridge builders with others by our side!

This is how we make a difference that goes past our lifetime and helps others move further down the road.

As business leaders, being bridge builders not only empowers us for success, but it helps others have success too. This is a legacy!

“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.”

Ecclesiastes‬ ‭4‬:‭9‬

Think about the impact of a bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge spans over the bay as it connects two areas. The Brooklyn Bridge spans over the east river between Manhattan and Brooklyn, connecting two boroughs. The covered bridges of Indiana make it possible to travel to old towns and take in historic sites. The truth is, all bridges have meaning and impact so much in those communities. Without them, all that goes on would be impossible and limited.

These bridges are a picture of what we can build as leaders in business. Through relationships, we can surpass our personal successes and go into those around us, as well as those ahead of us too.

I heard recently that energy comes from significance. More than anything else, we are energized by finding significance. I believe being a bridge builder does this because it requires relationships that do something beyond themselves.

This is where we thrive!

“And of some have compassion, making a difference:”

Jude‬ ‭1‬:‭22‬

So here are three ways to be a bridge builder.

1st – Do life with other leaders who follow Jesus.

Leaders grow by being around other leaders. For Christ’s followers, when we are linked up with those of like faith, our business skills can grow and more importantly our faith can grow too.

The truth is, we can’t be bridge builders without others in our lives. We need the right people and we must start with those of like faith.

2nd – See a need to meet it.

We grow when we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. Too many people only live for what they want, their dreams, and their desires. This is not wrong, it’s just incomplete. In fact, we must take care of what God gives us. But where we grow past our ability is when we see a need bigger than us and seek to solve it.

Bridge builders work together to help others achieve their dreams and to make their communities better for everyone. This is possible when we become bridge builders.

3rd – Don’t care who gets the credit.

It amazes me to read about legendary rock bands, sports teams, businesses, and more that were dismantled because people fought over who got the credit.

This is a trap that has foiled groups from every genre and if we’re not careful, we could be next.

Bridge builders don’t care who gets the credit, they just want people to be helped. They see the bigger picture and value that more than their name in lights.

This is what we must do and this is what is needed right now.

Begin today and choose to become a Bridge Builder.

This is how we impact others and leave a legacy for generations to come.

Have a great day and the best is yet to come,


Pastor David Norris

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