A family decorating a Christmas tree

A Christmas Family

One of our traditions that we love is decorating our house and Christmas tree together. We turn up Christmas music and we decorate everything. It’s our time to laugh, have fun, and make memories again. 

I hope you’re discovering what you do with your family and friends and that the memories you make help bond you to them. 

But above all the traditions and things we do, Jesus is the greatest gift and when He’s first in our lives, everything gets better.

This is how we become a Christmas family. 

Being a Christmas family builds our foundation on Jesus and this centers on who we are and what we do. Making this decision is needed more than ever because so many things are seeking to divide our families. But God gave us our families and He has a purpose for them as a group and as individuals.

Therefore, we must be intentional about Jesus being number one and then leading our families to Him. Daily we choose to turn our attention to Him with open hearts and vocal thanksgiving. 

We do this based on who He is and then praise Him for what He’s done. Every Christmas I love reading this verse as it reminds me who Jesus is to me and you.

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah‬ ‭9‬:‭6‬

Jesus is the greatest gift we’ve been given and He keeps on being who He is and what He does.

So, here are three ways to be a Christmas family this year.

1st – Talk about Jesus and why He came.

This could sound basic or weird but, it’s needed. Why not make time to be together as a family and discuss Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas. You can read the account in the gospel of Luke or discuss another verse but the point is, that having an intentional conversation with Jesus is powerful and fortifies the family’s values and foundation.

This is also powerful because more and more families are talking less face-to-face and texting or talking on the phone instead. Family dinners are an average of fifteen minutes and most nights they don’t even happen. 

We must change this trend and have time together. We have to set aside our phones, our shows and games, and engage with each other. Our time is limited with our kids and if we let slip away through distractions, we’ll regret it and miss moments. 

So yeah, having a family talk about Jesus is a big deal and it can recenter focus on what’s most important. I encourage you to utilize this Christmas as moments for your family to have time together, worship God, love others, and slow down. Take in this season and let it impact you and your family.

2nd – Serve others.

I think it’s great when our families serve others in some way. Being a part of something bigger than ourselves is so good for our soul and health. 

It lifts our perspective and it reminds us that we have a lot to be thankful for. 

Christmas is a perfect time to lead our families to serve others. This could be at the church’s Christmas Eve services or buying gifts for those in need, supplying food baskets for a holiday meal, and finding community outlets to give back.

These are great ways to lead our families to do something together and for them to serve someone else.

Being a Christmas family is about giving and receiving because Jesus modeled both. 

For our family, we’ve made plans to give back and our kids are involved in it. 

Take in this moment and utilize it for growth by serving others.

3rd – Verbally share love. 

I believe it’s important our families hear us say why we love them. There’s power in our words and all of us need affirmation and attention. God made us this way and when these kind of words are spoken over us, we feel it and we take it in.

Christmas is a great time to not only give gifts, but also to share what our family members mean to us. 

First, go around the table and share what Jesus means to you and no one can repeat someone else. This again brings it back to Christ.

Second, go around the table and share what each family member means to you and one can repeat what was said. This encourages us to think about each other and to be original in what they mean to us.

This is what we all want and I believe we can have it. Now, if your family is not in a good spot, maybe modify this but reach out and everyone share something or at least write it down. 

Take one step at a time and let the love flow. Every family starts somewhere and Christmas is a great holiday to start.

So this year, decide to be a Christmas family and fortify who we worship and why we love each other! 

Merry Christmas and the best is yet to come,


Pastor David Norris

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