Heaven’s Christmas Gift

These are the gifts that give emotion as they touch our hearts with love. When our boys got an Xbox they yelled out with joy. When our daughter got the Barbie doll she wanted, she couldn’t put it down and when my wife got my surprise gift, she cried.

These are the moments that a gift can give and we don’t forget it. So, I hope this Christmas gives you these types of moments and that you have a great time with family and friends. 

I also hope that you receive and experience Heaven’s Christmas Gift. This gift is Jesus!

Through this gift, the world has been changed and our world can be changed too. He’s the gift that keeps on giving as He’s saving, healing, delivering, and moving over our lives right now. 

But to receive Heaven’s Christmas Gift, we need to be reminded about who He is and what He does. This gives us the chance to fully experience Him and to live our lives for Him. 

For this to happen we can unpack one of the greatest Christmas verses and discover Jesus.

Seven hundred years before Jesus was born, Isaiah prophesied Jesus’ arrival and who He would be. So let’s look at Heaven’s Christmas Gift and see who He is and what He does. When you read this, please appropriate it to your life and how He will do this for you. 

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah‬ ‭9‬:‭6

Here’s what these five things mean for us today. 

#1. Wonderful – a miracle, marvelous thing a wonder.

He is Supernatural and can do anything for people. He is the miracle of life, of hope, and of redemption. He is the miracle that changes everything for us and nothing is too hard for Him. 

Every miracle begins with a problem. So no matter what you’re facing, He’s able and willing to do something about it. 

#2. Counselor – to advise, deliberate, resolve, guide, purpose.

He will be the Counselor we need in any matter of our life. He can advise us in matters of life, of the heart, and more.

He can resolve our turmoil, heal our past, present, and future. He will guide us into places of purpose and provision with fulfillment.

For every problem we face, Jesus is the answer and has the answer we need. Believe He’s able and let Him turn your problem into a new purpose.

#3. Mighty God – powerful, warrior, champions

He’s the champion of Heaven and He’ll be the champion of your life. He can win any battle and He can defeat any foe we face. 

He’s the champ and he’s undefeated. What are you facing today that is too much for you? 

Whatever it is, Jesus is Mighty and will fight our battle when we let Him in.

#4. Everlasting Father means – Forever, Eternity, World with No End.

God is forever and His fatherhood is both for now and eternity. He’s daily our loving father in everyday life. He will be a loving father in Heaven and He’s the same while we’re on Earth. He forever loves you and nothing can separate you from His love.

This gives comfort to us and His love empowers us to move through fear. His plans are good and His mercy endures forever.

#5. Prince of Peace – head person, Captain, General, Governor, keeper, Ruler.

He is the Captain of our lives when we give our hearts to Him. Meaning He is leading us through all the storms of life into His Peace.

Everywhere HE leads is to HIS Peace because He is the ruler of it! Peace is what follows Him, and it’s what His Way gives. 

He’s the captain, so we’ll find it through Him and only in Him 

Our challenge is to be reminded that He’s what we need. He’s what we’re longing for and when He’s in charge, we have peace.

So, do you need peace?

Let Him be your Captain this Christmas. His peace goes beyond your ability, understanding, and circumstances. He’s Jesus, Heaven’s Christmas Gift.

I pray this is the best Christmas yet and that the best is yet to come!

Merry Christmas,


Pastor David Norris

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