Redwood Forest

Lead like a Redwood

Great leaders are consistent.

One of the greatest traits of a leader is consistency. Being steady through the ups and the downs is huge and being faithful in both the small and big things opens great doors.

But it all starts with consistency.

Anyone can start something, but it’s those who finish that leave a legacy and make a difference beyond their lifetime.

When I think of this trait I think of trees, especially Redwoods. These are amazing trees that God created and from them, we can see aspects that connect to us as leaders.

Furthermore, Christ’s followers are compared to trees because Jesus gives strength to be consistent and fruitful.

“They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.”

Psalms‬ ‭1‬:‭3‬

Here’s what it means to lead like a Redwood.

1st – They’re the tallest trees on earth standing at 350 feet tall.

This speaks to us as leaders; seeing beyond what others see and leading from a higher perspective. It’s tempting to get distracted in the weeds, but God has called us to lead from an elevated position that sees the vision of what could be and lead others to get there.

This is what it means to lead from a higher perspective. Redwoods stand tall and stand out. This is what we do as Christ-centered leaders and in the process, we thrive.

2nd – Their leaves can drink from fog and make it rain.

Redwoods can receive nourishment from fog and impact it raining. From their nourishment, they’re able to cause nourishment for others.

Leaders are filled up and then give that to others. We are the thermostat that sets the tone and gives an environment for others to thrive and grow.

Receive nourishment and then give it to others.

3rd – Their leaves can clean the air by taking and storing more carbon than any other tree.

Leaders can take the hits and junk and keep moving. Great leaders can overcome personal attacks and hurtful opinions and in doing so, let those they lead not feel it.

This is big because how we handle these moments impacts those we’re leading. We have a choice to grow through it and get stuck in it. If we get stuck then others are too.

We take the junk and move forward. We absorb the junk and lead our teams into health and life.

4th – They’re resistant to rot and fire.

This is amazing to me because God made them to be protected and to live for hundreds of years.

Christ-centered leaders can be resistant to rot and fire too. We can be protected from quitting, burning out, and/or withering over time.

We can grow stronger as we age and be relevant with influence and impact. When the fire of life comes our way, we can be covered and not be singed because of Jesus.

I believe there’s longevity, endurance, strength, grace, and fruitfulness for us as leaders and it’s found in Jesus.

5th – Their bark is a foot thick and protects it from bugs.

When Jesus protects us, he inoculates us from the bugs that seek to decay us or cause us to whiter away. This speaks to our attitude, habits, focus, strengths, and being covered with the Holy Spirit.

Because of the Redwood’s bark, the bugs can’t get it. Because of Jesus and our growth as a leader, the bugs can’t get to us either. But, we have to choose God and let Him make us who He wants us to be.

6th – Their roots are intertwined with other healthy trees and they are strong from it.

Healthy leaders are connected leaders. The more we’re connected to others, the more we are open, growing, and learning.

Being insulated helps be safe and grow. Being isolated causes us to be stuck and get into trouble. However, we must choose to connect and receive and give.

Redwoods are interconnected and draw from others. This is what we do as leaders too.

We’re humble, connecting, receiving, and giving. We’re a part of something bigger than ourselves which empowers us to thrive and produce over the long term.

Are you leading like a Redwood?

Be courageous, be strong, be bold, and lead like a Redwood!

Have a great week and the best is yet to come.


Pastor David Norris

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