Leader’s Junk Food

We know it’s not good for us and we know it’s not what we need, but it’s so easy to find ourselves eating it.

There’s something about it that gives us comfort, helps us numb out, and feel better for a few moments. The way we reach for this stuff is real and it connects to something deeper within us.

Our need to be comforted, relax, and get a break is linked to our ongoing desire for these foods. Especially for us in leadership roles. 

Then on top of that, we have an abundance of junk food all around and wherever we go, they are for sale. You know, in the checkout line, on the end of an aisle, and highlighted as the best deal of the day. 

It’s almost like we’re being led to junk food with blinking red lights. Too many times I’ve taken the lead and got these foods and then regretted it. How about you?

But this blog isn’t about the junk food we eat in stores, it’s about the junk food we eat in our soul. 

This junk food is just as easy to eat too. It’s all around us and it tempts us every day.

These things are junk food that seek to weaken our souls, causing us to be malnourished. If we eat this too long, we can become sick in our faith and drift away from God.

The challenge is, it’s easy to eat and it feels good when we do. It’s feeding something not healthy in us, and if unchecked, it will hurt us. 

These foods are tempting for leaders because we carry the weight and responsibility of others. Plus, we’re the target of criticism and attacks. Junk food is a big temptation for us as leaders which is why we must determine to live without it. 

The reality is, that we all lean to some of these junk foods. It’s a part of our nature that goes against God. Our internal world is real and without God’s help, we will live on these foods.

The good news is, that Jesus has Soul Food that combats these cravings and gives us the nourishment we need.

He provides the Soul Food, our part is to receive it and choose a better diet for a better way of living. His way!

Check out what the Bible says about this,

”1. Is anyone thirsty? Come and drink— even if you have no money! Come, take your choice of wine or milk— it’s all free! 2. Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength? Why pay for food that does you no good? Listen to me, and you will eat what is good. You will enjoy the finest food.“

Isaiah‬ ‭55‬:‭1‬-2

I love how God has provided water, milk, and food for us. He knows the nourishment we need and has enough to go around. His supply never runs out and daily, He gives Soul Food.

No matter where we are today, He’s ready to nourish us with His soul food. He wants to heal us, mend us, restore us, refresh us, and renew us. He has a long-term plan for our lives and knows that daily grind we’re waking out. 

He knows the stress and pressure we feel as leaders. He knows what we’re navigating. But here’s the thing, He knows it and He has the power to do something about it. He gave us the opportunity to be leaders with the blessing of having Soul Food daily. 

Our part is to let Him replace the junk food with His food and be fed deep within.

Notice in our verses that junk gives us NO strength. It’s empty and fleeting. It’s a false narrative that leaves us unfulfilled with no substance.

This is what we want! 

No matter who we are, all are invited to come and receive this water, milk, and food. No money is needed, just an open heart of faith as we reach for Jesus. Anyone can receive because everyone is someone to Jesus.

So, I encourage you and me to lay down the junk food. Refuse to eat it, live with it, or accept it. Instead, reach for Soul Food and choose what Jesus has. 

Here are three ways to do this.

1st – Choose God’s word.

Let His word be your final word. He’s speaking and in it, we find His life, His ways, and His will. Read it daily and more importantly, let it read you!

2nd – Worship God.

When we worship God, He becomes BIG, and our problems and junk food become small. When He’s exalted in us, His power comes through us. I encourage you to worship Jesus every day. Do this by giving Him your life, playing worship songs, and lifting your voice to Him. He lives in our praises. 

3rd – Receive accountability. 

When we have the right people in our lives we’re empowered to overcome ourselves. What we eat is linked to habits, so when we have the right people around us, we’ll be encouraged to eat His Soul Food and reject junk food.

The equation for freedom in our lives is God plus me, plus the right people equal freedom. 

As leaders, we need this in the rhythm of our lives. When Jesus is our foundation and the source of our Soul Food, we’ll have longevity! 

No more junk food, it’s time for soul food!

The best is yet to come,


Pastor David Norris

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