Showing the Light

Jesus loves His church and gave His life for it. Through the shedding of His blood, the church was born and has multiplied greatly.

“So guard yourselves and God’s people. Feed and shepherd God’s flock—his church, purchased with his own blood—over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you as leaders.”

Acts 20‬:‭28‬

His plan to reach the world right now is through the local church but to do this, we must choose to make a difference versus making points.

I’m convinced that Jesus wants His church full of the Holy Spirit where people are welcomed, healed, freed, empowered, and saved. This is a church that makes a difference in their city and is a part of the solution.

This is a place where everyone’s welcome, nobody’s perfect and anything’s possible. This is what Jesus wants but to have it, leaders must lead to it. Someone has to lead through a vision that articulates the heart of what He wants.

What does this look like?

“14. You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. 15. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. 16. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.”

‭Matthew‬ ‭5‬:‭14‬-‭16‬

Notice how Jesus describes His church!

We’re the light of the world. We’re like a city on a hilltop that everyone sees. We give His light to everyone and when we do good works, they will praise God.

This is what Jesus wants us to do; therefore, ministry leaders must lead and do it.

So, here are three ways ministry leaders do this.

1st – Be all in with Jesus.

Leaders can’t take people where they don’t go themselves. This is why ministry leaders must be all in with Jesus; being on fire for Him and pursuing Him themselves.

If we don’t have this, the people won’t have this! We set the tone.

Ministry leadership does not equal being all in for Jesus. This comes from a personal connection with God and an open heart for what He wants to do. This is a living relationship that produces living faith.

Are you all in?

If not, what is holding you back? Please give that to Jesus and move closer to Him.

2nd – Choose to make a difference and not points.

Making a difference is about seeing the hearts of others and reaching for them. It’s having a vision that sees problems and then has solutions. It’s being humble to all people, reflecting who Jesus is and what He can do for them.

Making points is getting to a place of power through theological knowledge and then, proving that they are right and others are wrong. This completely misses the heart of others and overlooks the reality they’re facing.

Making points ends up caring more about them being right versus helping others be right with God. This happens way too often and it’s sad. In our towns and cities, people are lost, hurting, and dying but we have the answer in Jesus.

But when we make points we close ourselves with church competition, and miss the big picture, Jesus seeking and saving the lost.

Are you making a difference or making points?

Please choose to make a difference and be a part of what Jesus is doing!

3rd – Find a need and fill it.

To make a difference we must be moved with compassion. This comes when we see a need and are moved by it. In your community, there are so many needs that it’s overwhelming. One church and ministry leader cannot do it all but they can do something.

When we reach beyond ourselves, we grow past ourselves. When we choose to make a difference, our lives will be different for the good.

The secret is reaching out to others and filling a need.

The love of God is seen when we care about what other people are going through. The power of God is felt when we reach out and touch someone else. The glory of God multiplies when His people do His work.

This is making a difference and so, what needs do you see in your community?

What moves you? What stirs compassion in you?

Whatever that is, move toward it and fill the need with the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.

This is what the church should be and this is what ministry leadership should do.

The time is now! People need the Lord and they can’t hear if someone doesn’t go.

“But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?”

‭Romans‬ ‭10‬:‭14‬

Be a part of it and see what God can do in His church with ministry leadership!

The best is yet to come,

Pastor David Norris

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