Family Dining at the table

The Family Table

There’s something about the kitchen that brings the family together. It’s where we cook, eat, snack, hang out, and have conversations. It’s the room in the house that sticks out for its design and within it, there’s a table.

The family table has great value because it’s where we sit together, eat together, play games together, and do life together. This is where we make memories that build the family bond. This family table is the central place of gathering and being together in the home.

Here’s a verse that describes the family table,

“Your wife will be like a fruitful grapevine, flourishing within your home. Your children will be like vigorous young olive trees as they sit around your table.”

Psalms‬ ‭128‬:‭3‬

God has plans for your family table and he wants you, your spouse, and your kids to thrive. 

A family table has stories to tell. All of the conversations, the arguments, the laughter, the tears, the food, the spills, the stains, the smells, the holidays, and more. This table is a part of us and we never forget the family table.

When we think of building our family, there must be a place we can be safe and connect with each other. The family table facilitates the opportunities we need to grow and develop as individuals and as a family. 

I believe our families need to talk to each other, love each other, have time with each other, and bond consistently. This keeps us connected, and talking which helps with the tensions that happen.

To do this, every family needs a proactive leader to set the tone and lead the way. For parents, this is our job. Whether we’re married or single, we must choose to be proactive and connect around the family table.

So, here are three things to do at the family table.

1st – Pray together.

Prayer connects to God and changes us. It also empowers God to move on our behalf and do what we can’t do. 

I believe there’s something powerful and memorable when we pray together at the family table. It speaks of what we value, who we worship, and what we believe. All of this is establishing things in each individual that is at the table. 

They will never forget those moments and furthermore, God is moving and working through our prayers. 

The family that prays together stays together, grows together, worships together, and moves forward together.

I encourage you to be strategic and pray together at the family table.

2nd – Have a meal together.

Right now only fifty percent of families have dinner together and on average it’s only three meals a week. So, families are not consistently having a meal together. 

Furthermore, some of these meals are in front of the TV, and or devices are at the table. Meaning, many of the family dinners are highly jacked by distractions.

So this can sound simple but the truth is it’s not happening as much as it should.

I encourage you to have a food plan so you can have meals together. Be intentional and make a rule to have the TV off and no devices at the table. This helps the family talk to each other and engage in needed conversations. 

You can have a set topic or take turns in leading the conversation so it’s fresh and shared among the family. It won’t always be intense, but it will always connect us and build memories. It’s laying a foundation that will carry on to the next generations and that’s called legacy.

3rd – Play games together. 

I believe families benefit from card games, board games, and more. It’s healthy and facilitates interaction with each other. This is especially important because video games dominate so much of our kids’ lives, that having games without technology is healthy.

For us, we do Phase Ten, Uno, and Sorry. We’ve had intense games, and chill games but some of our funniest times together have been through games at the family table.

What games can you play?

I encourage you to consider getting games that are good for your family. Have fun, keep it simple, and be intentional with your family. It matters and it makes a difference.

Leaders don’t wait for the perfect moment to lead, but they do facilitate moments that are perfect to lead through. One way we can do this is at the family table. 

Here’s a story I hope we all can experience ourselves.

My grandparents were married for over sixty years and enjoyed a loving marriage. They impacted me in so many ways including the family table. I remember meals, reading Bible verses, and having fun together. 

One day when they were in their eighties, I decided to stop by and surprise them. I went through the open garage and could hear music playing from the kitchen. So I went inside and found my grandparents listening to Nat King Cole, sitting at the table, and eating ice cream as they stared at each other.

I thought this is what I want someday. Isn’t this what we all want?

Of course, it is because it speaks of enduring love, connection, and legacy. 

The good news is we can have this too. So start today and connect at the family table. 

God bless you and the best is yet to come,


Pastor David Norris

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