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Happy Father’s Day!

Did you play Follow the Leader when you were a kid? This is a classic game that exhibits many dynamics in leadership. As the game goes on, those following the leader are tempted to copy every move even if it’s silly. Some don’t fall for it, but every time, someone does.

This simple game for kids speaks a truth we should remember. When we follow the leader, inevitably we will do what they do and go where they go.

This is a great picture of the leadership we have through a Dad or father figure. 

There’s something about a Dad that profoundly impacts us. Unfortunately, this impact can be for better or for worse. But when we’re blessed to be a Dad, we embrace the moment and be a leader that elevates our family and those around us.

“Children’s children are the crown of old men, And the glory of children is their father.”

Proverbs‬ ‭17‬:‭6‬

Dads are leaders and our kids follow us. This is instinctive. Kids start out wanting to do this and knowing to do it. The challenge is, to win our kid’s hearts as they grow older so they continue to do this through an evolving relationship. 

As a Dad, where we go our family goes and what we do our family does too. This is the opportunity of a lifetime in being a servant leader by being the man God has called us to be. When this happens, lives are impacted generationally. 

No matter if you are a father, a future father, or a father figure, God wants to use you as your family follows the leader. 

This is not about being perfect or having it all together, but rather it’s about being a proactive dad, and a proactive leader for our family. In fact, our strength is our weakness in Jesus, and through Him, He can use all of it for His purpose. 

But being a Dad is not easy. We have pressures and we’re navigating our own stuff as well as leading the family. God knows this and through Him, we can do this. We don’t have to be superstar Dads to shine, but rather we can shine like a star as a Dad and light up our family’s hearts.

So, here are four places we should go to as our family follows the leader.

1st – To God.

The greatest thing we can leave behind as a legacy is our faith. Everything else will fade and have an end, but our faith will last forever through Jesus. Establishing a firm foundation, in Christ is monumental for the ongoing success of our family.

When we go to God for our lives, our family will follow. They don’t need us to be perfect or know every detail of the Bible. They need us to be humble with an open heart to Jesus. Letting God mold us and heal us as a man. This speaks loud and clear and we need it and our family needs it too.

So be a part of the church and be involved. Give your finances and be in a group or on a team. I know you’re busy, but this foundation will allow a strong house to be built that will last for generations. 

Run to God, your family is following you.

2nd – To accountability.

Through accountability, we can break through old patterns and develop new ones. We can do what we want to do and stop what we need to stop. Everyone needs accountability because it’s the way God made us. We also need each other.

When Dads are accountable it gives stability, safety, and predictability to a family. It helps the Dad be grounded in his faith and held to the standard that God has for him. From this place is where the family sees consistency, living right, and making it right when you’re wrong.

I encourage you to not live isolated, but rather live insulated with the right people. This is where we grow, and our family will follow us too.

3rd – To healing.

We all need healing because we are in a broken world and we need a Healing JESUS. No matter the level of severity of our story, when we embrace healing, our family will follow in our footsteps. 

This can look like being healed of anger, fear, addiction, gossip, rebellion, greed, pride, lust, and more. When we’re healed we make it easier for our family to follow and receive their healing. Someone has to go first and it might as well be us as the man of the house.

This takes humility, and a willingness to be changed to the love of God. When we receive healing, our family will be better, our marriage will be better, our parenting will be better, and in the future will be better.

I encourage you today to embrace the healing God has for you. He wants to help us overcome ourselves and go to new heights.

4th – To family.

It’s important for our family to see us be loyal to them and put them first. When our kids see us love our wives, it speaks so much to them. When they see us sacrifice, be servant leaders, and put them ahead of us, it sets the tone. 

Everything rises and falls on leadership. So, when we choose our family over other things, our family will rise. 

There’s something special about a Dad keeping the family first that impacts generations after his lifetime. It sets the precedent for the environment that the family experiences. This gives safety, trust, love, communication, support, and guidance. 

It’s good for our kids to see us show affection to our wives and be committed to them. It’s good for our kids to see and feel our love for them daily. 

All of this leads the family individually to one day, do the same for their family. This is where we can take them as they follow the leader.

So where are you taking your family today? 

They’re following you and where you go they go. What you do they do.

I pray your Father’s Day is great and that you seize the moment as a leader.

God bless you and the best is yet to come,


Pastor David Norris

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